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The Adopt-A-Family event takes place in December and provides assistance to families in need during the Holidays.


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Adopt-A-Family Event

The Adopt-A-Family event was established in 2009 with the inception of The Faulk Foundation. Carolyn Faulk, the founder of The Faulk Foundation, always knew she wanted to give back to the community. Adopt-A-Family was created in order to provide assistance for low income families during the holidays. When Adopt-A-Family first started, we were only able to help around ten families at a time. Now, The Faulk Foundation provides assistance to over 30 families every year.

Adopt-A-Family usually starts in September with the release of the Holiday Assistance application. Families who apply are then contacted with phone interviews and house visits. Once a family has been selected, arrangements are made for pick-up. Families are provided with household items, toiletries, and presents for the children.

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The Faulk Foundation is an organization that stresses active involvement rather than faceless giving. So when you donate to The Faulk Foundation, you can be sure that your contribution is not only being used to provide tangible help to people in need, but also that The Faulk Foundation staff is personally involved in every aspect of the situation.

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