Our Mission

The Faulk Foundation’s support goes to a level where most charitable organizations simply can’t – to solve the deepest problems, and provide the most urgent, needed assistance to families and individuals dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

The key to our philosophy is solving the real problems that these families and individuals face through qualified giving. This means that we carefully review applications and nominations from individuals and families to determine how we can help them, rather than just deciding how much we should give them. We operate with the help of volunteers, have no overhead, and no fund raisers, therefore 100% that is monetarily given goes directly to help others.

We offer clothing, furniture, bill payments, transportation, toys, household goods, medicine and medical supplies, care packages or perhaps just a listening ear. No matter what form it comes in, assistance from the Faulk Foundation is designed to give those that we help what they need most, and to do that, we first become closely engaged in their lives and situations.

In the current economic climate, more and more people are suffering. The need for heartfelt, wise and benevolent giving is greater than ever, and we need help to fulfill our mission. By supporting the Faulk Foundation, you can be sure that your entire donation is providing direct assistance, and your investments of time and/or money are truly making a positive impact in the life of someone who is in genuine need. From the civilian next door, cancer patients in need, to a serviceman or woman stationed overseas – the Faulk Foundation provides aid to all.

The needs are great. Let our aim be as well.

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