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Charles JoekelCharles Joekel
June 2, 1939 - February 20, 2009
Past Chairman of the Board
Charles Joekel was the first Chairman of the Board for The Faulk Foundation.  It was an honor to serve with him at any capacity.  He was a simple man,  did business with a handshake, and his word was his bond.  He left this world better than he found it.  Charles gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of children.  He would have given you the shirt off of his back even if it were the last shirt he had.  A lot of people come and go through our lives but Charles Joekel was a man who left a footprint in our hearts that has changed our lives forever.  As he lived his life, any kindness that he could show, any good deed that he could do, he often said to me; ‘Let me do it now, for I may never pass through this world again.’  How lucky we are that God blessed us with Charles Joekel.  We miss you, my friend, but your legacy will live in our hearts forever.